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Lexus NX200t Review by Evolution Leasing | South Florida Auto Brokers

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2016 Lexus NX200t Review By Evolution Leasing. Shopping for an SUV in the Entry Level Luxury

Suv market in the South Florida area? Evolution Leasing Auto Brokers and Car consultants of

North Miami Beach thinks the NX200t is a great choice. In this review of the 2016 Lexus NX200t,

we will look at both the exterior and interior.

In this review of the Lexus NX200t, we will be going over the exterior as well as interior features.
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The market for an entry-level luxury SUV has never been hotter. And while the lexus nx200 turbo may be late to the game, nobody thought for a second it wouldn’t compete. Sized just right to seat you, four friends and maybe some of their stuff, the lightweight NX 200 turbo hustles well around town, while providing all the practicality that the Compact SUV is known for.
2.0 liter turbos are all the craze these days. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, heck, even Lincoln has one. They provide ample power around town and great gas mileage, but, when called upon, and you let those turbos spool, things come alive. This NX has one of those new turbos and it works well in this car.
The interior is well laid out with a mixture of Modern style and high quality textured materials. The cabin feels snug but never cramped while the rear seat space is some of the best in class.
Standard features include: Automatic headlights and fog lights, LED brake lights, keyless entry and ignition, Nu Luxe premium upholstery, leather-wrapped and telescoping steering wheel, 8 way power front seats, 60/40 split folding and reclining rear seats. 7 inch color display, rearview camera, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, Siri eyes free voice controls, 8-speaker sound system with HD and satellite radio, and drive mode select.
Popular options include: leather, heated and ventilated seats, sunroof, navigation, front and rear parking sensors, & a power rear liftgate.
And though I won’t start clocking 0-60 tests for this vehicle, the F Sport model featured does include many unique F Sport enhancements including a sport tuned suspension, the honeycomb grill, 18-inch wheels with summer tires, paddle shifters, and metallic and aluminum trim.

Fun, light weight, and fitting a stroller or two, the NX200 turbo is an SUV worth considering.

No money down car leases in Miami with Evolution Leasing

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zero down money lease

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If you are shopping for the best car lease deals in Miami, you might start off by looking
for a car lease calculator to see what you can afford. You also might be interested in
zero down lease deals also known as no money down car leases. There is a lot to
research so you better understand what you can afford.

Luckily, Evolution Leasing, Auto Lease Brokers in Miami, is here to help you. An auto
lease calculator is a great tool to figure out your monthly payments. But there is a much
easier way. Just give David a call at (786) 565-5035 and he will discuss with you why in
most cases it is best for you to put no money down on a lease or do a zero down lease
with nothing due at signing other than perhaps your very first low monthly payment.
No money down car leases with zero due at signing, calculate your inceptions into your
monthly payment. This allows you to begin a lease with no money out of pocket. By
using the above outlined method, you will be able to have a good idea what you can afford
and it should give you a better idea than using a car lease calculator.

Also when searching for zero down lease deals, it is important to note that Evolution Leasing,
Auto Leasing Brokers in Miami, offers zero down lease deals to all our customers if
their credit is good enough to qualify. Down payments are only required when you can’t
get approved without a down payment. Most of our customers do get approved for
no money down car lease deals. Please keep in mind, there are standard inception fees
which also have to be paid in addition and separately from the down payment – these include
your first month’s payment, tax, registration and bank fee.  You have the option to fully
customize your lease including deciding to pay these fees upfront or roll them into your
monthly lease payments so you can get a true sign and drive lease deal.

Leasing vs buying

lexus ct 200

lexus ct 200

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Its time to get a new car. You know what type of car you want, so the next question that
comes up is should I lease or should I buy? What are the benefits of leasing vs buying?
Leasing is very similar to financing but is also very different. This article will go over the
positives and negatives of both leasing and financing. Whatever your decision, Evolution
Leasing can help you lease, purchase or finance your next car whether you are in the
South Florida/Miami area, the state of Florida, or nationwide.

The obvious benefit to a lease is you can get more car for less money. The lease price is
largely determined on what the car will be worth after the lease so you end up only paying
for a percentage of what the car is currently worth which means a lower payment than
financing. When you finance a car, you are financing the full value of the car, so the
payment is much higher.

Most new cars come with 3 year bumper- to- bumper warranties. Most new leases are
usually for 36 months. That means most major repairs will be covered under the warranty
during the duration of your lease.

Lastly, if you always want to have to newest, latest car with all the bells and whistles, then
leasing is for you. You can get a new car every 2-3 years by easily turning in your lease
after the term is up without having to worry about selling it.

Leasing has some drawbacks. Typical leases allow you to drive 10,000-15,000 miles per
year. If you drive over that amount, you will have to pay a per mile fee which can be very
expensive.A second drawback is that you are essentially just renting a car and not building any
equity.After the lease is up you are left with nothing.

The obvious benefit to financing a car is that as you make payments, you build equity until
you pay off the loan and own the car fully. The car is then yours without having to worry
about making monthly payments anymore. If you take good care of your car, would like to
own it for more than a few years, then this is a good option.The other benefit is that you
don’t have any mileage restrictions.If you drive over 15,000 miles per year, then this is
probably a better option for you.

Some of the drawbacks of buying a car are that its hard to predict its resale value. You might
finance the car for 5 years and have to sell it after 3 years. If your loan is worth less than
what the car is worth, then you will be upside down on the loan and will have to come up
with the difference if you want to sell it.Finance payments typically are much higher and
therefore people end up taking longer loan terms to lower the monthly payments. Longer
loan terms equals more interest paid to the lender.

When deciding whether to lease or finance you have to consider, your lifestyle, the amount
of miles you will drive and the amount you can afford. Either way, Evolution Leasing is ready
to help you with your decision!

Carmax Swapalease Leasetrader – ending your lease early!

carmax, swapalease, leasetrader

carmax, swapalease, leasetrader


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So you are in Florida and you are looking to lease, purchase or finance a new car. You
have shopped for the best car lease deals and finance specials and you found Evolution
Leasing. But you have one slight problem. You still own or lease a car and you can only
afford one car or need one car. There are 3 options to end your lease early – carmax
swapalease leasetrader If you currently own or lease a car we usually recommend
going down to carmax. They usually give a quick, hassle free appraisal and buy your car
really quickly. Carmax has locations in these major cities in Florida : Jacksonville, Boyton
Beach, Clearwater, Tampa Bay Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami,
Naples, Orlando, Pompano Beach, and Sanford. Once you’ve sold your car to Carmax,
you are now ready to get your new car from Evolution Leasing. If you have a lease, you
will have to get the payoff value and pay the difference of what you sell your car to carmax
for and the payoff price of the lease.

If you currently have a lease, you have additional options. We are partnered with (swap a lease) and (lease trader). These websites
get tons of traffic – people looking for good lease deals to take over from people looking
to get out of their leases. Fill out a lease transfer application with us, fax it in to
815-301-2625 and we will have your car listed on either swapalease or leasetrader
(fees apply). We take all the hassle of listing your car on swapalease and leasetrader.
Listing your cars on these sites can be tedious and cumbersome. In addition, we can
get you more impressions and better ad placement because of our relationships with
swapalease and leasetrader. If you have a lease with excellent terms, this could be a
great option to terminate your lease and it is very possible to get someone to take over your
lease quickly.

Once you have sold your car to carmax, or have your car listed on swapalease or leasetrader,
you call the experts at Evolution Leasing and find out about the current Lexus, BMW and
Mercedes-Benz lease and finance specials and deals.

Lease, purchase, or finance your next car with Evolution Leasing and you can:

1. Save money – call and get quoted one low price without any haggling!

2. Save time – Order your car quickly over the phone -you no longer have to spend hours waiting
at the dealership.

3. Save the trip to the dealership – we will deliver your car to your door!

4. Save the aggravation – NO hidden fees, NO nonsense games!

We offer free home or work delivery drop off service, to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and
all of South Florida as well as ALL these major cities and areas in Florida: Orlando, Tampa Bay,
Clearwater, Naples, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Tallahassee,
Panama City, and Pensacola.

Evolution Leasing. We don’t sell you what we have. We deliver what you want. (sm)

Evolution Leasing vs TrueCar Review

Evolution Leasing vs TrueCar

Evolution Leasing vs TrueCar

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Shopping for a car lease in 2015 should have gotten easier but doesn’t it seem to have
become more complicated? There are commercials for car dealers, and commercials for
TrueCar saying that you will get the TrueCar exact pricing. And then there are car brokers
like Evolution Leasing who tell you that they help you avoid the dealership altogether.
So where should you begin?

Let’s start with the dealership route. Going down to the dealer means that you will be
spending hours of your time haggling with the salesman. Extra hidden “dealer†fees will be
thrown in. You might walk out, but then he’ll tell you that he will remove the extra fees. You
come back and are ready to sign the paperwork with the finance manager, only to find more
hidden fees. You walk out frustrated, without a car.

Your next option is going to TrueCar. They claim to give you total transparency – that you will
know what everyone else is paying for his car. You fill out an application on their website and
you will get a certain amount off MSRP. For the sake of this article, we put our own
application in at TrueCar just to see what would happen. Yes, we got immediate automatic
price quotes from local dealers and then the same dealers even reached out by email saying
they would take even more off the quote. But when we asked about the fees involved, guess
what? There were lots of extra hidden fees. Bottom line is this: No matter what MSRP you are
initially quoted, YOU STILL HAVE TO GO DOWN TO THE DEALERSHIP – and you know what
that means. In short, TrueCar is a LEAD GENERATOR for the dealerships! Don’t be fooled by
this gimmick!

2015 is the year of total transparency. You want to know who you’re dealing with. You want
to save time. You want to save money. And you don’t want any nonsense sales tactics. You
want to see active social media, and excellent testimonials and reviews. You’ve found
Evolution Leasing and you realize that it’s truly the best way to lease a car in 2015.
Here’s why:

Lease your next car with Evolution Leasing and you will:

1. Save the trip to the dealership — we deliver your car right to your door!
2. Save money — call and get one low price without any haggling, with NO hidden fees!
3. Save time and avoid the aggravation—NO time-wasting games!

It’s 2015. If you are shopping for a new car lease in Florida, you have to ask yourself – Why do
I need to go down to the dealership? The answer is, YOU DON’T! Give Evolution Leasing a call
at (786) 565-5035 or visit www. and experience for yourself the fastest,
easiest way to lease a car at the lowest prices around. We offer free home or work delivery
drop off service, to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and all of South Florida as well as
these major cities and areas in Florida: Orlando, Tampa Bay Clearwater, Naples, Daytona
Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Tallahassee, Panama City, and Pensacola.

So whether you are shopping for Lexus lease specials, BMW lease deals, or the best
Mercedes-Benz lease offers, realize that leasing has finally evolved in Florida.

Evolution Leasing. We don’t sell you what we have. We deliver what you want. (sm)

Holiday Luxury Car Lease Specials in Miami!


Evolution Leasing Lexus GX 460 Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Evolution Leasing and Lexus!

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What are you getting that special someone this holiday season? Finding the perfect gift is
a great way to show someone that you truly care about all they mean to you. Leasing a new
Lexus is one of the best ways to surprise that special someone this holiday season.
December is the time to take advantage of our great Luxury car lease specials in Miami.
When it comes to choosing which vehicle is right for you give Evolution Leasing a call
(786) 565-5035 - we are your car lease experts!

Leasing a luxury car this holiday season doesn’t have to be a huge headache. The best part
about working with the professional auto leasing brokers at Evolution Leasing Miami is how
quickly they take care of the entire process for you! With just one phone call you can be
riding around in your new luxury car by the weekend! Once you’re approved, the experts at
Evolution Leasing personally deliver the car to your doorstep without any hassle or worries!
The leasing specials at  Evolution Leasing are affordable and offer many advantages over
car dealerships selling the same exact car!

Simply fill out the quick and easy credit application form to get started on getting approved
for your new luxury lease. You can even use the “Get a Free Quote†button to get quote on
the luxury car of your choice. Evolution Leasing goes out of their way to make the process of
shopping for a luxury car lease in Miami as easy as possible. Call today (786) 565-5035 and
get started with the auto leasing broker experts at Evolution Leasing Miami!

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Leasing a Lexus in Miami is Better in December!

Black Lexus NX

Lexus NX

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Everybody wants to get the best deal when shopping for a new luxury car lease. There are
plenty of dealers and car leasing brokers who claim to offer deals that can’t be beat, but only
Evolution Leasing offers the best luxury car leasing specials. If you’re interested in leasing a
Lexus, then December is the best month to do it, thanks to Lexus’ December to Remember
sales event. The experts at Evolution Leasing will get the best deal possible on a new
Lexus without the hassle of visiting the dealership. Evolution Leasing takes care of
everything for you from the paperwork to delivery.

December is a great time to get into your new Lexus with all the Lexus Lease specials. For
example, the Lexus GS 350 F Sport can be leased for as little as $469 per month. All GS350’s 
come with navigation, stereo and comfort features which make the drive that much more
enjoyable. If that’s a little too much power to handle, check out the Lexus ES 350 or IS 250,
which offer all the same comfort and style with a more economical engine. Each vehicle is
more affordable than ever this December so don’t hesitate to call Evolution Leasing today
for more information.

Lexus vehicles are known for their style, dependability and performance. From sleek and
sporty sedans to SUV’s for the whole family, Evolution Leasing is one of the best auto
lease brokers for those interested in leasing a Lexus in Miami. When you let auto leasing
brokers help you, it takes all the stress out of shopping for a luxury car lease. Call us today
at (786) 565-5035 and find out more about how much you can save this December on a
Lexus or any of the fantastic luxury cars available through the professionals at Evolution
Leasing. Don’t miss out on a great deal by waiting around, call now!

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Leasing a Mercedes can be the Perfect Gift!

Mercedes Lease Specials

Mercedes S550

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Mention the name Mercedes Benz and you immediately think of luxury and prestige. Why
not give that special person in your life the gift they’ve always wanted this holiday season?
Evolution Leasing has great Mercedes lease specials in the Miami/South Florida area.
Instead of spending a stressful day at the dealership, call Evolution Leasing and we will
make leasing a Mercedes fast and easy! Get the car you want delivered right to your driveway.

Evolution Leasing’s philosophy is to make the car leasing experience as easy as possible.
If you’re looking for a new car, you’ve probably spent days and weeks doing homework and
even test driving some of your favorite vehicles. But you don’t want to be haggle for hours at
the dealer and get sold extras that you don’t want or need. The auto leasing consultants at
Evolution Leasing take the hassle out of the car shopping experience. Everything can be done
online and from the comfort of your own home. Leasing has truly evolved – welcome to
Evolution Leasing!

Here’s how it works: Simply visit Evolutions Leasing’s website and select the car you want
online. Right now Evolution Leasing has some incredible deals on the latest models from
Mercedes. Choose from the GLA 250 now priced at $349 per month all the way to the S550
now available for $1175 per month. Once you’ve selected the car you want, give Evolution
Leasing a call at (786) 565-5035. Tell us what color you would like your car in and with what
options and packages. Fill out a simple credit application and once you’re approved, the
professionals at Evolution Leasing will make arrangements to have your car delivered to your
home. It’s really that simple when leasing a Mercedes with Evolution Leasing!

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Leasing a Mercedes in Miami? Check Out the 2015 Models!

jes merc
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There’s a lot of choices when looking for a luxury car these days but one car company is trying to
distance themselves from the pack. The new line of 2015 Mercedes Benz cars and SUVs are
turning heads in the industry thanks to their unparalleled performance, luxury and
aesthetics. When you’re interested in leasing a Mercedes in Miami, the first thing you
should do is get in touch with Evolution Leasing. With experienced and professional staff,
Evolution Leasing
can find the exact Mercedes Benz you are looking for and deliver it right
to your front door! Leasing a Mercedes in Miami used to be a long process, but Evolution
Leasing has simplified everything to make it quick, easy and stress free. Choose between any
model Mercedes and appreciate the fine craftsmanship of German precision engineering.

Living in Miami is all about style. From the beach to Brickell, everyone wants to look great
when they roll around in a new car. Since the weather in South Florida is always sunny, ,
those interested in leasing a Mercedes should consider the Mercedes E400 Convertible.
With a 7-speed automatic transmission, 302 horse power engine with a direct injection V-6,
the E400 isn’t your Grandfather’s convertible. It’s a magnificent machine built for power,
performance and elegance. The E400 comes fully loaded with a ton of features that you’ve
come to expect from a high quality car company like Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes SLK 250
is another convertible option which will have heads turning all over Miami. If you’re looking to
make a statement with your ride, call Evolution Leasing today and learn more about the
leasing process.

Those looking for something that will work for a big family should consider one of Mercedes
performance SUVs like the GL450 or GLK 350. Both are built with the same commitment to
superior craftsmanship and safety features. Leasing a Mercedes SUV is easy and hassle free
at Evolution Leasing and that’s something the whole family can appreciate. Don’t spend
hours at the dealership haggling with a salesperson when you can let Evolution take care of
everything for you. Leasing a Mercedes in Miami has never been this easy before and it’s all
thanks to the luxury car leasing experts at Evolution Leasing. Call today (786) 565-5035
and get started!

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Lexus Lease Specials Miami

This is a picture from a recent delivery of a White Lexus IS 250 F Sport by Evolution Leasing!

White Lexus IS 250 F Sport

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Pulling into the gas station and seeing the price of gas at over $3 per gallon can be
very frustrating. Lucky for you the consumer, Lexus and BMW make cars that get
excellent gas mileage. If you are looking to lease
 luxury cars in Miami, the professionals
at Evolution Leasing can help save you time, money and hassle of going to the dealership!
We deliver the car right to your door!

If you are shopping for Lexus lease specials in Miami,  you could opt for the standard
GS 350 model, or they have the option to choose the Lexus GS hybrid model. The Lexus
hybrid doesn’t sacrifice any of the power, performance or style that you’ve come to expect
from a high quality luxury car maker. The GS hybrid features a V6 engine and two, yes
two, electric motors that are paired together to optimize the variable transmission.
This makes the Lexus GS hybrid one of the most powerful and quiet environmentally-friendly
cars on the market today. Anyone interested in
leasing a Lexus in Miami should look into
the hybrid and see what all the fuss is about.

BMW is another luxury car maker who has jumped on the hybrid bandwagon.
The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is are a true beast hiding beneath an elegant exterior. The 333hp
ActiveHybrid 6-cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo technology gets a very impressive
33 mpg. The ActiveHybrid 3’s turbocharged engine provides a seamless switch from electric
to gas power. The interior is stylish and high tech with all the instruments you need to monitor
the car’s performance. If you are looking for better gas mileage, without sacrificing the power,
leasing a BMW in recent years has been to hybrid vehicles so call Evolution Leasing
today and find yours!

Simply choose your car online,  and call Evolution Leasing at (786) 565-5035. One phone call
with Evolution Leasing’s team of auto leasing consultants, and you will get one low price,
the first time, every time. Most deliveries can be done within the next business day to the
Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and all of the South Florida area.

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Leasing a Lexus with Evolution Leasing Miami

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The holidays are approaching. It’s that time of the year for Lexus commercials to start popping
up on your television. But the sight of a new car in your driveway wrapped in a bow doesn’t
have to be a fantasy. With help from Evolution Leasing, getting a great is always a reality.
Their professionals make leasing a Lexus in Miami easier than ever before.
Lexus is one of the top manufacturers of luxury vehicles today. One of the reasons is its
combination of sleek design, high performance and great fuel economy. As a division of
Toyota Motor Corporation, Lexus drivers know they’re getting a high-quality vehicle. If you’re
looking for a new Lexus in the Miami/South Florida area, than Evolution Leasing can help you
Imagine getting a new car without having to leave your home. You can just choose your
favorite vehicle online, call Evolution Leasing and have it delivered to your driveway.That’s
exactly the process for leasing a Lexus in Miami through Evolution Leasing. Evolution
Leasing has all the latest models available at great deals. If you’re in the market for a Lexus,
choose from some of these great models

Lexus LS 460 starting at $815 per month

Lexus LX 570 starting at $1,085 per month

Lexus CT 200H starting at $255 per month

Lexus GX 460 starting at $519 per month

Lexus ES 350 starting at $309 per month and much more

One of the advantages of leasing a Lexus is monthly payments are lower in comparison to
purchasing a vehicle. If you’re on a more economical budget, leasing a car makes more sense.
Evolution Leasing gives car shoppers the opportunity to drive a great luxury automobile at
great prices. In addition to Lexus, Evolution Leasing also has great luxury car leasing deals for
a variety of the top manufacturers including:






Evolution Leasing’s website is easy to use. Simply fill out an online credit application. Once
you’re approved, you’re eligible to have your car delivered to your home in just a couple of
days. You’ll never have to deal with an annoying salesman while shopping for the best deal.
Even if you’re not looking for a new car for yourself, shopping at Evolution Leasing is the
perfect way to get your loved-one the car of their dreams just in time for the holidays. Visit
them online and experience the ease of leasing a Lexus in Miami today.

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Lease a New Luxury Car in Miami Today

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Remember the excitement you felt of waking up on Christmas morning with the anticipation
of opening your presents? You may not be a little kid anymore. But the exhilaration of getting
something new never leaves us. It’s the same level of excitement you get when driving a
brand new car. Think of the car you’ve always wanted. Chances are it’s not a regular economy
vehicle that simply gets you from point A to point B. You want something sleek, stylish and
most importantly—luxurious. If you want to lease a new luxury car in Miami is now easier
than ever before with help from the pros at Evolution Leasing.
Evolution Leasing has a great selection of luxury vehicles from the best brands including:







There are plenty of places to lease a car in South Florida, but what separates Evolution Leasing
from the competition is simplicity and convenience. If there’s a downside about getting a new
car, it’s the stress and frustration of having to negotiate at the dealership. Evolution’s car
leasing consultants in Miami do all the work for you. The process is so easy, you may never
want to visit a car dealership again. Here’s how it works. Go online and choose the car you
want. If you already have a car picked out, it makes the process of luxury car leasing even
easier. Then give the auto leasing brokers at Evolution Leasing a call at (786) 565-5035. Once
your credit is approved and the paperwork is completed, your car will be delivered to your
Whether you want to lease a Lexus or a BMW, getting a new car shouldn’t feel like a job. It
should be a reward. Evolution Leasing takes the hassle out of leasing a new vehicle. You’ve
worked hard to afford the luxury car you’ve always wanted. It makes no sense to spend an
entire day at a dealership and having to go through the stress of negotiating dealing with
financing. Visit Evolution Leasing’s website and check out the latest offers available on some
of the best luxury vehicles available on the market today. For no money down, you could be
driving the car of your dreams. All you have to do is call the auto leasing consultants at
Evolution Leasing in Miami today.

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BMW Lease Specials in Miami

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There are many reasons why car enthusiasts choose BMW. Some love its sleek and stylish
look or the brand’s reputation for high performance. These are the qualities many associate
with German engineering. And few auto manufacturers combine high performance and
luxury better than BMW. If you’re in the market to lease a luxury car in Miami, Evolution
Leasing has the BMW Lease Specials   you are looking for. Their auto leasing consultants do
all the hard work to ensure you get the car you want delivered to your door.
Visiting an auto dealership can be stressful. There’s always a sales person in your ear who will
follow you everywhere until they become a part of your shadow. The last thing you want to
worry about is wasting your time with a sales representative and getting a car you never
wanted. Unfortunately, far too many car shoppers go through this experience on a daily
basis. Evolution Leasing is about leasing a car without the hassles or nonsense of dealing
with a middle man. The premise is easy—get the car you want today. When it comes to
leasing a BMW, the brokers are friendly and knowledgeable and can make the process quick
and painless.
If you’re in the market to lease a BMW in Miami, you can start the process by visiting
Evolution Leasing’s easy to navigate website. Click on the makes/models button at the top of
the screen and then select BMW. You can then view all the latest offers available on many of
the best and newest BMW models. Choose the model you want and for $0 down, it can be
delivered to your home today. It’s really that simple. There is no hassle or haggling.

Evolution Leasing also has a great selection from the world’s best luxury auto manufacturers
including: Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, Infiniti and Audi. The process is easy. Simply pick the car
you want and call Evolution Leasing at (786) 565-5035. Once Evolution Leasing’s team of auto
leasing consultants completes the order, they’ll quickly begin the process of delivering your
vehicle to your home. Within a couple of days, you can be driving the car of your dreams.

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We have inventory! Cars are back in stock and lease prices are coming down. Skip the trip to the dealership, have the car you want delivered to your front door. Call Mo at 305-351-1450 to lease or purchase your next car.
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