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Cars for College Grads in Miami

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cars for college grads

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The Best Cars for College Grads


If June has come and you’ve finally graduated, then you are probably looking for the best cars for college grads. You are now ready to become fully independent, take complete control over your life, find the job you’ve always dreamt of and have an exciting and successful life. But what you first need to do is find the best car for college grads. And the truth is, choosing the right vehicle is extremely important, especially for graduates. There is nothing better than buying your very own new shiny car.


Choosing nothing but the best car will ensure a successful post-college life, help you impress your future employer and colleagues and give you freedom and mobility. The easiest and most affordable way to find just the car you need and deserve is to take advantage of the car leasing options offered by Evolution Leasing auto brokers and consultants of Miami and Orlando. And no other online car leasing company broker can match the lease specials and deals available at Evolution Leasing. But what are the best cars for college graduates that will allow you to kick-start your career and life?


Luxury Brands


Both Mercedes and Lexus are luxury brands that allow you to clearly state a high status, good education, and really stand out even in cities like Miami and Orlando. If you are a profit-oriented workaholic who wants to show class, commute with style and impress future employers, opting for either a Mercedes or a Lexus is the best way to go. And although such high-tier and luxury cars don’t come cheap, any college graduate can now take advantage of the affordable lease special offers available at Evolution Leasing lease brokers of North Miami Beach and Orlando.


Fuel-Efficient Sedans and Crossovers


Honda is renowned for its high-tier and fuel-efficient sedans and crossovers, so if you are a fresh college graduate who plans to travel a lot, but also wants comfort and functionality, you can never go wrong in choosing Honda.


Functionality and Reliability


If you are looking for functionality and reliability, then buying a Nissan is an excellent choice you can make. Whether it is an SUV you want, a sedan or a truck, you will find a great selection of affordable and quality Nissan vehicles with Evolution Leaisng that will satisfy the needs of every college graduate and make commuting across Orlando or Miami a joyful experience.


Aggressiveness and Power


German manufacturer BMW and its vehicles have always been associated with aggressive look, plenty of power under the hood and reliability. They are often related to high prices, but buying a BMW to kick-start your exciting and fast-passed life has never been easier thanks to the versatile and convenient car leasing deals we offer at Evolution Leasing.


Your new car and new life is just a phone call away. Contact Evolution Leasing today at 786-565-5035 to price out your car and get started on your new life.

The Best Suv – which one is right for you?

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2016 Lexus RX 350

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If you are shopping for the best suv in Miami, you might start your Google search off by
looking for the best rated SUV, top rated suv or suv ratings. You also might search for
2016 SUVs- or 2016 new suvs. One of the first SUVS to pop up will probably be the
2016 RX350. It can be overwhelming with soo many cars coming up and so much research
to do. Evolution Leasing is here to help you find the best suv.

The first step is to do is a suv comparison. You have to consider the SUV size that would
best fit your needs – do you want a small suv, a 7 seater suv, mid size suv, or a compact
suv? Another thing to consider is gas mileage – would you prefer a 4 cylinder suv that
would get good gas mileage? Do you want the best compact suv or the best family suv?

If you are shopping for small suvs, there are a few choices to consider for the best small suv.
You can choose between the Toyota Rav4 or Honda CRV. If you are looking for the best
luxury SUV, you might consider the Lexus NX200t, BMW X1 or Mercedes GLA. All are
fantastic choices and comes down to personal preference and how much you are willing to
spend each month.

If you are looking for the best luxury crossover suv, most people would choose the Brand
New 2016 Lexus RX350. Other choices in the same segement are the Acura MDX and
Infiniti QX60. It is hard to argue though with the amazing ride and build quality not to
mention the affordability and predicted reliability of the Lexus.

After all your research, no matter what you decide is the best suv even if you narrow down
a few choices to the best suvs, the next step is to contact Evolution Leasing Auto Leasing
Consultants and car leasing brokers of South Florida and Miami to order. Just call to price
out your car, apply online, and schedule delivery to your home and office once you are
We have same day or next day delivery to all major cities in South Florida including, Miami,
Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywood,
Hialeah, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral
Springs, Sunrise and Miramar. This includes all counties in South Florida – Miami-Dade,
Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

No money down car leases in Miami with Evolution Leasing

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zero down money lease

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If you are shopping for the best car lease deals in Miami, you might start off by looking
for a car lease calculator to see what you can afford. You also might be interested in
zero down lease deals also known as no money down car leases. There is a lot to
research so you better understand what you can afford.

Luckily, Evolution Leasing, Auto Lease Brokers in Miami, is here to help you. An auto
lease calculator is a great tool to figure out your monthly payments. But there is a much
easier way. Just give David a call at (786) 565-5035 and he will discuss with you why in
most cases it is best for you to put no money down on a lease or do a zero down lease
with nothing due at signing other than perhaps your very first low monthly payment.
No money down car leases with zero due at signing, calculate your inceptions into your
monthly payment. This allows you to begin a lease with no money out of pocket. By
using the above outlined method, you will be able to have a good idea what you can afford
and it should give you a better idea than using a car lease calculator.

Also when searching for zero down lease deals, it is important to note that Evolution Leasing,
Auto Leasing Brokers in Miami, offers zero down lease deals to all our customers if
their credit is good enough to qualify. Down payments are only required when you can’t
get approved without a down payment. Most of our customers do get approved for
no money down car lease deals. Please keep in mind, there are standard inception fees
which also have to be paid in addition and separately from the down payment – these include
your first month’s payment, tax, registration and bank fee.  You have the option to fully
customize your lease including deciding to pay these fees upfront or roll them into your
monthly lease payments so you can get a true sign and drive lease deal.

Trade in your current lease with Evolution Leasing


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So you are looking for a new car lease and the best lease deals in Miami Florida, but you have a current lease or car that you need to Trade In first? Evolution Leasing car brokers & auto consultants of North Miami Beach Florida can you help you with your Trade in so you can exit your lease early or trade in your financed car and get you into a Brand New 2016 model. Did you know you in some cases, you could even trade in your existing car lease and get into a brand new car lease with Evolution Leasing car brokers & auto consultants of North Miami Beach, Florida for close to the same current monthly payment?  Simply email the following info to [email protected] and you will receive your free quote!

1) Name, Address & Phone
2) Year, Make/Model, Trim Level (i.e. ES, LS, etc.), VIN
3) Mileage
4) Color – exterior and interior
5) List of optional equipment or manufacturer’s window sticker.
6) Lessor or Lender (Bank)
7) Current payoff for all bank owned/finances vehicles.

Please provide photos — 4 sides and a few interior shots.

Evolution Leasing offers free flatbed truck home or work delivery drop off service
to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and all of South Florida. In addition we also
offer delivery to: Orlando, Tampa Bay,Clearwater, Naples, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville,
Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Tallahassee, Panama City, and Pensacola. Above and
beyond customer service is our top priority and that is what makes Evolution Leasing
the #1 Auto lease broker in Miami Florida!

Leasing vs buying

lexus ct 200

lexus ct 200

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Its time to get a new car. You know what type of car you want, so the next question that
comes up is should I lease or should I buy? What are the benefits of leasing vs buying?
Leasing is very similar to financing but is also very different. This article will go over the
positives and negatives of both leasing and financing. Whatever your decision, Evolution
Leasing can help you lease, purchase or finance your next car whether you are in the
South Florida/Miami area, the state of Florida, or nationwide.

The obvious benefit to a lease is you can get more car for less money. The lease price is
largely determined on what the car will be worth after the lease so you end up only paying
for a percentage of what the car is currently worth which means a lower payment than
financing. When you finance a car, you are financing the full value of the car, so the
payment is much higher.

Most new cars come with 3 year bumper- to- bumper warranties. Most new leases are
usually for 36 months. That means most major repairs will be covered under the warranty
during the duration of your lease.

Lastly, if you always want to have to newest, latest car with all the bells and whistles, then
leasing is for you. You can get a new car every 2-3 years by easily turning in your lease
after the term is up without having to worry about selling it.

Leasing has some drawbacks. Typical leases allow you to drive 10,000-15,000 miles per
year. If you drive over that amount, you will have to pay a per mile fee which can be very
expensive.A second drawback is that you are essentially just renting a car and not building any
equity.After the lease is up you are left with nothing.

The obvious benefit to financing a car is that as you make payments, you build equity until
you pay off the loan and own the car fully. The car is then yours without having to worry
about making monthly payments anymore. If you take good care of your car, would like to
own it for more than a few years, then this is a good option.The other benefit is that you
don’t have any mileage restrictions.If you drive over 15,000 miles per year, then this is
probably a better option for you.

Some of the drawbacks of buying a car are that its hard to predict its resale value. You might
finance the car for 5 years and have to sell it after 3 years. If your loan is worth less than
what the car is worth, then you will be upside down on the loan and will have to come up
with the difference if you want to sell it.Finance payments typically are much higher and
therefore people end up taking longer loan terms to lower the monthly payments. Longer
loan terms equals more interest paid to the lender.

When deciding whether to lease or finance you have to consider, your lifestyle, the amount
of miles you will drive and the amount you can afford. Either way, Evolution Leasing is ready
to help you with your decision!

Carmax Swapalease Leasetrader – ending your lease early!

carmax, swapalease, leasetrader

carmax, swapalease, leasetrader


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So you are in Florida and you are looking to lease, purchase or finance a new car. You
have shopped for the best car lease deals and finance specials and you found Evolution
Leasing. But you have one slight problem. You still own or lease a car and you can only
afford one car or need one car. There are 3 options to end your lease early – carmax
swapalease leasetrader If you currently own or lease a car we usually recommend
going down to carmax. They usually give a quick, hassle free appraisal and buy your car
really quickly. Carmax has locations in these major cities in Florida : Jacksonville, Boyton
Beach, Clearwater, Tampa Bay Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami,
Naples, Orlando, Pompano Beach, and Sanford. Once you’ve sold your car to Carmax,
you are now ready to get your new car from Evolution Leasing. If you have a lease, you
will have to get the payoff value and pay the difference of what you sell your car to carmax
for and the payoff price of the lease.

If you currently have a lease, you have additional options. We are partnered with (swap a lease) and (lease trader). These websites
get tons of traffic – people looking for good lease deals to take over from people looking
to get out of their leases. Fill out a lease transfer application with us, fax it in to
815-301-2625 and we will have your car listed on either swapalease or leasetrader
(fees apply). We take all the hassle of listing your car on swapalease and leasetrader.
Listing your cars on these sites can be tedious and cumbersome. In addition, we can
get you more impressions and better ad placement because of our relationships with
swapalease and leasetrader. If you have a lease with excellent terms, this could be a
great option to terminate your lease and it is very possible to get someone to take over your
lease quickly.

Once you have sold your car to carmax, or have your car listed on swapalease or leasetrader,
you call the experts at Evolution Leasing and find out about the current Lexus, BMW and
Mercedes-Benz lease and finance specials and deals.

Lease, purchase, or finance your next car with Evolution Leasing and you can:

1. Save money – call and get quoted one low price without any haggling!

2. Save time – Order your car quickly over the phone -you no longer have to spend hours waiting
at the dealership.

3. Save the trip to the dealership – we will deliver your car to your door!

4. Save the aggravation – NO hidden fees, NO nonsense games!

We offer free home or work delivery drop off service, to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and
all of South Florida as well as ALL these major cities and areas in Florida: Orlando, Tampa Bay,
Clearwater, Naples, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Tallahassee,
Panama City, and Pensacola.

Evolution Leasing. We don’t sell you what we have. We deliver what you want. (sm)




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If you are leasing a BMW in Florida, your first thought is to go down to your local dealer.
If you are in South Florida, you might lease a BMW from Vista BMW or Braman BMW.
If you are in central Florida, you would probably lease a BMW from  Fields BMW. If you
are in the Tampa Bay area, you would most likely lease a BMW from Ferman BMW or
Reeves Import Motorcars, and if you are in the Jacksonville area you would lease a BMW
from Tom Bush BMW.

Its 2015 – there is a BETTER way to lease a car!  Call Evolution Leasing (786) 565-5035.

Lease a car with Evolution Leasing and you will:

1. Save the trip to the dealership — we deliver your car right to your door!

2. Save money — call and get one low price without any haggling, with NO hidden fees!

3. Save time and avoid the aggravation—NO time-wasting games!

Please see our BMW Lease Deals/Specials for February in the Miami/South Florida area
below and give us a call today (786) 565-5035!

BMW 2 Series 228i Coupe – $389

BMW 3 Series 320i Sedan –  $359

BMW 3 Series 328i Sedan –  $405

BMW  4 Series 428i coupe –  $472

BMW 4 Series 428i Gran Coupe – $459

BMW 4 Series 428i Convertible–  $552

BMW 5 Series 528i Sedan – $549

BMW 6 Series 640i Coupe –  $849

BMW 6 Series 640i Gran Coupe–  $870

BMW 6 Series 640i Convertible – $927

BMW 7 Series 740i Sedan –  $697

BMW X1 sDrive28i – $333

BMW X3 sDrive28i – $528

BMW X4 xDrive28i – $605

BMW X5 sDrive35i – $699

BMW X6 sDrive35i – $755

It’s 2015. Call Evolution Leasing and save your time and avoid the hassle. We have the BMW

Lease Specials you want and we offer free home or work delivery drop off service, to Miami-Dade,
Broward, Palm Beach and all of South Florida. In addition we also offer delivery to: Orlando, Tampa Bay,
Clearwater, Naples, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Tallahassee,
Panama City, and Pensacola.

We have inventory! Cars are back in stock and lease prices are coming down. Skip the trip to the dealership, have the car you want delivered to your front door. Call Mo at 305-351-1450 to lease or purchase your next car.
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